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wildflower project


During the summer of 2021, SSWCG and many volunteers surveyed the wildflowers found on eight sites around the parish.  The surveys were carried out on a fortnightly basis and the whole programme was expertly set up and managed by David Kennedy to whom we are very grateful.

Each species was photographed and identified.  The significant task of inputting all the data into iRecord is an ongoing activity.

The pdf spreadsheet is a summary of the species found and forms the basis of the same activity during 2022.


                                             Wildflower Survey Schedule 2022

Dates for the 2022 survey are detailed below and you can sign up on Facebook or simply turn up. In the meantime, if you're keen to get your name down or find out more, please email

Volunteers are always extremely welcome!

Wildflower Survey 2022.jpg
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