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We are developing our skills regarding the relationship between species recording and mapping, and the following set of maps are very much work-in-progress!

The maps shown here have been copied from OpenSource sites and it is believed that the reproduction of them does not infringe copyright laws. If anyone has any reason to suspect this is not the case, please advise us and they will be removed.

Please note all maps are best viewed on a large screen or tablet.

species maps


This map shows general wildlife sightings within the parish boundary as reported on iRecord. 

Click here to see the Species Maps

context maps


This map shows the various habitats we have in the area and can be used to predict where species might predominate.

Click here to see the Context Maps.

parish landmarks map


Click here for the Parish Landmarks Map

parish walks


Here are some suggested walks in the parish. They all start from the Perch and Pike pub in the middle of South Stoke village and are circular. They are between 4 and 5km long and should take about and hour and a half to complete. The terrain is not difficult, but can be very muddy and there are stiles to cross in places; there are also some small road sections so please be very mindful of cars, motorbikes and bicycles. All the routes are on public rights of way.

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