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                           Simon Booker
'Giving a Voice to the Animals of Oxfordshire'


When: Tuesday 26th April 2022

Time: 7.30pm

Where: South Stoke Village Hall

Tickets: £2 per adult on the door. Early registration recommended, please sign up here

Please bring: your own drink!

I'm often asked if I'd do a talk on my wildlife photography.... and now is the time!

After a couple of highly successful sessions for Goring Photographic Club and various others, the South Stoke Wildlife & Conservation Group asked me to do a talk and answer my most common question: "How do you get these pictures Simon?"


It will be multimedia and targeted at anyone generally interested in local wildlife with stories,  fieldcraft and photography ethics. 

I hasten to add it will not be 2 hrs of photographic techno-babble :-)

You can bring your own beverages too so it should be a fun evening of Booker, Beer & Barn Owls! Numbers may be tricky at South Stoke Village hall so best to register early:

  • South Stoke Wildlife & Conservation Group 'Sign Me Up'

  • South Stoke Wildlife & Conservation Group Facebook 

Please note that all participants/volunteers do so at their own risk and SSWCG cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage howsoever incurred

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