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wildflower seed mix, May 2022


List of species in SSWCG “Wildflower mix”



Agrostemma githago, Corn Cockle

Centauria cyanus, Cornflower

Cota austriaca, Corn Chamomile

Glebionis segetum, Corn Marigold

Linum bienne, Pale Flax

Matricaria chamomilia, Scented Mayweed

Papaver rhoeas, Common Poppy

Ranunculus arvensis, Corn Buttercup

Sinapis arvensis, Charlock

Tripleurospermum inodorum, Mayweed

Veronica persica, Common Field- Speedwell



Achilllea millefolium, Yarrow

Centauria nigra, Common Knapweed

Daucus corota, Wild Carrot

Galium verum, Lady’s Bedstraw

Geranium pratense, Meadow Cranesbill

Knautia arvensis, Field Scabious

Leucanthenum vulgare, Ox eye Daisy

Malva moschata, Musk Mallow

Plantago lanceolata, Ribwort Plantain

Poterium sanguisorba, Salad Burnet

Primula veris, Cowslip

Prunella vulgaris, Selfheal

Ranunculus acris, Meadow Buttercup

Rhinanthus minor, Yellow Rattle

Rumex acetosa, Wild Sorrel


(A mIxture of Emorsgate EC2 Special cornfield mixture and EM2F general purpose wildflower mix, Packed February 2022 all seed of wild British origin)



Growing instructions:

Sow in spring or autumn.


Sowing under glass:

Fill a seed tray ¾ deep with peat-free compost, firm and water well. Sprinkle seeds very thinly on the surface and cover with a very light layer of fine compost or grit. Cover the tray with plastic or glass and keep moist and out of the sun.


Remove the cover when the first seeds germinate. Prick out seedlings into pots when the first true leaves develop. Grow on, and harden off outside, planting when conditions are suitable, ideally after frost and prior to some rain.


Sowing outside:

Prepare a fine seedbed. Sow the seeds thinly in patches, or in rows. Firm the soil to give a good seed/soil contact but do not cover the seeds. Keep moist.

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