hedgerow and tree survey


When: Sunday 3rd October

Time: 1500-1700 

Meet at: intersection of Ridgeway and South Bank


As part of our aim to survey and record the flora and fauna present in the parish, we are going to do a survey of as many hedges and trees as possible, and plot these on maps. We are particularly interested to see what wildlife corridors exist, connecting the various habitats around us. The survey results should give us an idea of the quality and variety of the hedges, and help identify any scope for improvement. 

Methodology: walk along hedges, estimate width/density/height and identify as many hedgerow and associated species as possible (see links below).  


Hedge Basics: https://www.watlingtonclimateaction.org.uk/thehedgerowproject



If you're able to join us, please bring paper, pencils and a 2m(ish) long stick if possible (to measure hedgerow size and gaps).  Please sign up here

Please note that all participants/volunteers do so at their own risk and SSWCG cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage howsoever incurred