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community gardens proposal


South Stoke Parish Council held a consultation on the future of The Park (the fields between the village hall and Ferry Road) Q2 2022.


The South Stoke Wildlife & Conservation Group (SSWCG) researched and designed an innovative and exciting proposal to turn this area into Community Gardens – a fun place to be, a haven for wildlife, and a source of organic food.


The proposal and corresponding sketch (below) incorporate many ‘best practice’ features and learnings from successful community gardens as well as input and advice from peer groups. The gardens would be a great asset to the parish.

The gardens include, for example, a ring-fenced area for the school and, in the main area, all the fun of beehives, bee and bug hotels, a wildflower garden and wildlife pond plus paved areas for socialising/learning.  In addition; raised beds, a polytunnel, compost and leaf drop-off bays and a storage shed - all for community use. Produce will be available at the gate for sale/give-aways.


We aim to plant an orchard and mixed coppices which, in time, will yield fruit, bean rods and pea sticks and opportunities for basket and fence making! 


Garden plots will be let out to local families, individuals, the school or groups and clubs. Rents will be modest and come with an obligation to contribute some time to maintaining our communal areas and abide by organic principles. Depending on demand, it might be beneficial to rent some half plots. 

The community gardens proposal provides lots of fun opportunities to work with others to create and maintain a thriving and productive community environment using permaculture principles. We have some very talented gardeners and craftspeople in the village who have agreed to provide expertise, so this will be a great opportunity to learn new skills!


We’ve sent a full proposal to the Parish Council for inclusion in the Consultation discussions.  If you support our plan or have comments on it, then please let the PC know and, ideally, copy us:

At the base of this page, underneath the community gardens sketch, are four additional pdf documents which can be downloaded (a simple click) and read/printed.  They include the original proposal document, a Powerpoint summary of the same, a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document which has been created in response to specific feedback and responses to the proposal and, finally, a document outlining SSWCG's management proposals 'Aims & Management arrangements for the Community Gardens'. If you have any problems accessing the documents please email and we will be able to help you.

For more information please contact SSWCG at

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