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Image courtesy of Simon Booker stokerpix.com

...Paul Jenkins, Ian Haslam, John Lindley and Ali Brazenor with some expert helpers from around the parish

Paul Jenkins

Paul has had a life-long fascination with natural history and has been involved with bees since he was young. He has watched the decline in number and variety of wildflowers, insects and birds over the years and would like to help do something about it. South Stoke has some varied habitats and he believes that more could be done to improve conditions here for local wildlife. He would like to see people get together in a group to share knowledge and focus on wildlife in the area. Paul hopes that he and the rest of the community can learn more about the life around us, and find out what we can do to better support it.


Ian Haslam

Ian is concerned about the unfolding crisis in biodiversity decline and the impact of climate change on our planet and everyday lives. As well as making this a national and global debate he is keen to see initiatives at a local level and is encouraged by the actions of small groups to protect our existing species and habitats. He is not particularly knowledgeable about wildlife, but spends a lot of time outdoors and is keen to learn more about the animals, birds and plants that he fails to identify so often on his walks and forays around our area.

John Lindley

John is a keen amateur naturalist, specialising in Insects, particularly Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies. He also tries, with varying success, to take photographs of the Insects that he sees. Having lived in South Stoke for well over 30 years, John has a reasonable knowledge of much of our local wildlife, but he's keen to learn more, particularly about our local birds and mammals. John is happy to share his knowledge of wildlife friendly gardening, and is always keen to meet up with anyone else who wants to learn about our local wildlife.


Ali Brazenor

Ali's keen to learn more about the wildlife in and around South Stoke, and has been helping with mapping species recordings. She has a particular interest in what we can do to help the local hedgehog population and would like to learn more about how to make her garden more wildlife friendly. She joined the group to expand her knowlegde of local flora and fauna, and help conserve and enhance our local wildlife for all to enjoy.



The group relies on help from some very good people:

Simon Booker:

We are very fortunate that Simon Booker, the well-known Oxfordshire wildlife photographer, lives in the village.  He knows more than most about the wild fauna around South Stoke, rising early and patiently waiting for those elusive appearances.  His beautiful photography and his wildlife calendars are famous locally! We are very grateful to Simon for providing some of his wonderful photographs for this website. You can see, and purchase, a much wider variety of his wildlife and landscape images at Stokerpix.com





























Erik Beaton:

We have a huge debt of gratitude to Erik for designing our logo and somehow ending up building much of the website!


A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Erik spent most of his working life as an Art Director in London advertising agencies, creating TV commercials, billboards and press ads, winning several international awards.  In addition, he's always done freelance illustration, photography, caricatures and graphic design.  Outside of work, he became involved in plays, musicals and pantomimes, and enjoyed creating set designs, projections and costumes, as well as acting, singing and dancing.  He lives in Scotland now and is still involved with his old drama group in England, but these days is more focused on writing and performing my own shows. erikbeaton.com







Penny H...Is Erik's representative here on Earth, who has injected enormous energy and enthusiasm into the concept and launch of this new group, developed the specification and managed the production of the website. She has brought a level of professionalism that most definitely would not have happened without her!

Robbie Still, Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre, who provided us with invaluable advice about species recording and mapping, and provided records for the Parish.

Edel McGurk, Benson Nature Group, who provided timely advice and encouragement

Tom Harrison, expert Coleopterist who provided records of beetles and other insects in the parish

Chris Powles, Kirtlington Hedgehog Street Project

Martin Harvey, Biological Records Centre, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Roger Wyatt, local wildlife photographer

Bernard Novell, who provided advice on website specification and set up

Griff Phillips, who provided advice on website specification

Nick Pye, local copywriter and humourist, who came up with a list of creative names for the group, but despite that, we are SSWCG!  https://nickpye.carbonmade.com/about

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links to organisations of interest


We will work with other organisations that have similar aims: 

Wild Oxfordshire https://www.wildoxfordshire.org.uk

Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment http://www.trustforoxfordshire.org.uk/

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust https://www.bbowt.org.uk

The British Dragonfly Society https://british-dragonflies.org.uk

Bumblebee Conservation https://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/

Plantlife https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre http://www.tverc.org/cms/

Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust http://www.withymead.org/index.html

People’s Trust for endangered species https://ptes.org

Caring for Gods acre http://www.caringforgodsacre.org.uk/



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